A pure custom tailored suit is one that is individually designed, cut and sewn by hand on the premises. One can witness the making of the garment in our workrooms.

Fit is why the most successful men in the world come to Fioravanti. They come because of the way they feel in a Fioravanti suit and because of the effortless command their appearance conveys. Mr. Fioravanti is the innovator of the “Power Look.” He believes that every man can put forth his best image with the proper fitting suit.

At Fioravanti we begin with a personal consultation to determine what our client wants. We offer our recommendations, and together we choose from a vast selection of the world’s most elegant fabrics on display in our showroom. Many fabrics are made exclusively for Fioravanti in Italy and England, including Worsted Cashmeres and the finest worsted suiting.

After selection of the fabrics, we then take client measurements. From these measurements, we design a pattern exclusively for you.


Once the pattern has been completed, our tailors prepare your garment for a first fitting. Usually, we require three (3) fittings. At each fitting Mr. Fioravanti and his staff make subtle changes and essential adjustments which can only be perceived by a master tailor. Our attention to detail makes all the difference in the fit of each garment.


That is why, no matter what the physique of the man, his Fioravanti suit fits perfectly. For those men looking for the “best fit” in a suit, please give us a call.

Call us for a consultation and fitting appointment.

Our showroom is open by appointment only.
Monday – Friday 9 A.M. – 5 P.M.




  New York, NY       Phone: 212.355.1540       

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